A simple radish idea

As a perfect tasty treat, showcasing market produce, top and tail fresh radishes, smother with delicious butter (here, Whitestone North Otago salted) and sea salt.  Couldn't be easier.

radishes, butter and salt

A mushroom salad idea

Saute a mixture of mushrooms (oyster and smoked button mushrooms used here) in a little olive oil and chopped garlic.  When just cooked through, toss with salami matchsticks and fresh sprouts.  Season.  Great served with your favourite toasted bread.

mushroom salad

A macadamia and citrus dressing idea

Whisk some macadamia butter with the zest and juice of an orange, adding a splash of vinegar if you think it needs sharpening.  Toss this through salad greens or vegetables - shown here with shredded carrots, poppy seeds and mint.

carrot salad, with macadamia citrus dressing

A retro baked cheese idea

Cover and bake a whole camembert in the oven for around 20 minutes.  For this one we happened to pierce the top and throw on a splash of alcohol, but it bakes well without the addition.  Great served with stewed tamarillo and walnuts, for a warming lunch or as part of a course for dinner.  Very more-ish.

baked camembert

A quince and lime soda idea

After slow roasting quince in a sugar syrup, with vanilla, cinnamon and/or star anise, there’s an abundance of poaching liquid.  Add that liquid, and seasonal lime juice, to your favourite sparkling water to make a delicious soda.

quince and lime soda

A delicious duck antipasto idea

For a delicious Peking duck twist on the antipasto plate, prepare a duck breast…..rub with five spice (or cinnamon and brown sugar), sear in a pan, then the oven, then rest and slice.  Seen here with crackers, cucumber, hoisin sauce and feijoa salsa.

Peking duck antipasto

An apple slaw idea

Chop a couple of fresh apples.  Add to this some very finely chopped spring onion, a dressing with a good splash of apple cider vinegar, honey or apple syrup, mustard and olive oil, and plenty of chopped fresh herbs - mint, coriander or fennel (or a combination of them) work really well.  This slaw is a great change from traditional apple sauces, and works brilliantly with roast pork, or as a side with cold cuts.


A fragrant autumn parsley and green salad idea

Make a dressing combining olive oil, a gentle wine vinegar, and a pinch of cinnamon and allspice, which add a subtle taste and fragrance well suited to the autumn season offerings.  Toss with seasonal salad greens and herbs - shown here with spinach, parsley, finely sliced red onion, sliced persimmons and spiced walnuts.

parsley persimmon spiced walnut salad

A baked chocolate fig idea 

For a delicious fig treat, halve fresh figs, add a dark chocolate slither and a walnut half, and bake (drizzled in honey or port).  Serve with a little mascarpone.  Dried figs can be used, but fresh figs right now are the best.

baked fresh figs and chocolate

A spiced roasted walnut idea

For every cup of walnut pieces that you have, take around 2 teaspoons of brown sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of chilli flakes and 1/2 teaspoon of tumeric.  Add a very small amount of water to the spices, and mix well.  Toss through walnut pieces and bake in the oven for a short time: they will colour quickly.  The spice mix is to taste, vary it as you like.  Salt and finely chopped rosemary can be a great addition too.

spiced roasted walnuts