Thanks for dropping by. Here's what this is all about.

The FoodPath NZ is set on connecting you with classic New Zealand food moments - all handpicked by an independent team - coffee stops, eateries, food producers, specialty food stores, farmers markets, picnic spots and thermos stops.  

We are a small team of New Zealanders, on the go mapping New Zealand's honest-to-goodness food places you can go and find for yourself, when you're exploring the country. They're the places that are perfect to pop into, when you're out and about ... you know the question - where to stop when it's time for food, and you're on the lookout for some classic spot nearby that will be just the ticket.

We map where you can go to find some real New Zealand treasures, people we’ve met and places we’ve gone ourselves. We're an independent team - so if we cover somewhere, you know we’ve been there, we liked it, and thought it was a New Zealand experience worth sharing. The FoodPath NZ is not a paid listing or directory - it's all independently handpicked.

We shout out and thank people we meet along the way who make a big effort to grow, raise and make spot on real New Zealand food. Because they work super hard doing something pretty special, we think more people should know about them. (And, in case you’re wondering, we aren’t paid to do that either.)

We publish journals of our travels - you can sign up for them at the bottom of this page.

You can also download our app, New Zealand Food Trail Guides. It's available on the App Store and on Google Play.  

The app's an independently compiled resource for you, helping you find classic kiwi food moments on the go. Like we've said, we have been to every single one of the places on the app, and no-one pays to be included. And it's updated regularly, including with new places as we find them, when we're travelling around the country. That means there's always something new for you to find...

So the app's not free, but we try and keep it not far off the price of a good coffee... There's a charge because our small New Zealand team (working away creating all the content and trails on the app) is totally independent, and personally goes to every place covered to handpick it. If that hits the spot for you, you can download it at the bottom of this page.  

And, if you want to get in touch, try this - hello at

Thanks for checking this out - and here's to enjoying some handpicked classic kiwi food moments.

Shelley and Amanda

Co-founders, The FoodPath NZ

PS:  If you'd like to use our photos or any of our content, please ask.