here’s what The FoodPath NZ’s all about…

The FoodPath NZ is set on connecting you with New Zealand food moments - all handpicked by an independent team - coffee stops, eateries, food producers, specialty food stores, farmers markets, picnic spots and thermos stops.  

Nothing beats finding a spot on cafe to enjoy made-right-there goodness. Or finding yourself at the farm gate or shop front of an amazing local food producer and buying direct from the maker. They're the places that are perfect to pop into, when you're out and about... you know the question - where to stop when it's time for food, and you're on the lookout for some spot nearby that will be just the ticket. 

But finding these places takes a bit of work… So that’s what our small team of New Zealanders does. We map where you can go to find some real New Zealand treasures, only places we’ve been to ourselves.  There’s time spent researching where to head to, laying the groundwork.  And then we’re out and about, on the road.

We share a few journals about places we’ve been - check them on the home page. We come up with easy snacks and meals for back at base after a day on the move, using stunning New Zealand produce and products - check out our makeshift kitchen on the make page. And we give you the all-in-one mobile guide to get yourself to these handpicked spots around the country, with trails we’ve followed and other good things to do nearby too - check out our guide (it’s an app for mobile) on the shop page.

Yes, we do it ourselves.  And yes, we’re totally independent.  So if we cover somewhere, you know we’ve been there, and thought it was just the ticket.  Nothing we do is a paid directory - it’s all independently handpicked.   We’re independent… so you can be too.

And that’s what The FoodPath NZ’s all about.

Thanks for checking this out - if you want to get in touch… Here's to enjoying handpicked kiwi food moments.

Shelley and Amanda

Co-founders, The FoodPath NZ

PS:  If you'd like to use our photos or any of our content, please ask.