download our New Zealand food trail guide…

Here’s your line up of our handpicked New Zealand food moments, the ones closest to you, our FoodPath trails, and a whole lot more.
For independent views on places that we’ve actually been to, and trails we have followed, download our guide - it’s in an app… and we regularly update it too…
Explore New Zealand’s handpicked kiwi food moments - coffee stops, eateries, food producers, specialty food stores, farmers markets, picnic spots and thermos stops - and other good things to do nearby, too.

What’s in it

Loads of kiwi food moments are on hand, handpicked and mapped out for you when you’re out and about, on the go. It’s the all-in-one mobile guide to get yourself there, with other good things to do nearby, too.  
There’s seasonal product maps… sometimes chocolate, sometimes cheese, sometimes ice cream, sometimes more…
And, we add trails with the details you need - some easy itineraries for you, based around food, but not only food - to visit places all over that the FoodPath has been…
Take a look at a little of what you’ll see on the guide here.
And we keep finding new places and mapping new trails. That's what we do.  
So there’s always more coming.  We keep updating the guide as we go.  

How it works

It’s simple.  We’ve done the work checking out and listing all the right spots, and putting together easy day trails.  
It works offline, but to use the map features to tell you exactly the path to go on with GPS locating, you'll need to be online.  And when you are, you’ll see where you are and where to find everything.  We’ve written a bit about each place, and what else is nearby.  
It covers a bunch of different regions - showing places and trails by what’s closest to you, and also by each of New Zealand’s regions - and how to get yourself there.
It also links to external websites of the places featured on it, to help you find more information about them. 

Independently produced

The guide is produced by an independent team, and the team has visited every place.  So if we cover somewhere, you know we’ve been there, and thought it was just the ticket.
It is not a paid listing or directory, and we update it regularly.  
That means it’s not free, everything's handpicked...  but we try and keep the price not far off a good coffee or two...  if that hits the spot for you, you can download it (on your mobile) from the bottom of this page.

New Zealand food trail app