A mussel meatball idea

Finely chop cooked mussels, and mix with just enough pork mince (take a classic butcher’s pork sausage out of its casing) to bind.  Add to the mixture lemon zest and coriander, roll into meatballs, and cook in a pan or hot plate.  Delicious served with New Zealand made chilli sauce.

mussel meatballs

A Hokianga-inspired flounder idea

For a taste of the Hokianga back at home base, try a flounder, pan-fried and alongside lemon and watercress, and of course some kumara mash, from kumara just down the road on the Kumara Highway.

Hokianga flounder

A Marlborough shellfish idea

Steam some delicious Marlborough clams in that famous Marlborough sauvignon blanc, for just a few minutes until they open.  Delicious served with their own broth, some toasted pine nuts (another Marlborough local), and some local greens.

Cloudy Bay clams, Pinoli pine nuts

A Mapua and Moutere memorable mouthful

Gather smoked fish pate (here, from Mapua) and add atop slices of crisp pear (here from Moutere), with favourite proper crisps on the side, for a tasty snack back at home base.

fish idea

A Turangi-inspired smoked fish and tomato salad idea

Toss assorted tomatoes, toasted nuts or seeds, lemon juice, extra-virgin olive oil and flaked hot-smoked trout (or, as here, salmon) fillets.  Scatter on a plate, and (if you like) serve with a scoop of natural yoghurt and top with more seeds.

Smoked fish and tomato salad

A Coromandel crumbed fish idea

Skewer strips of fresh fish (Coromandel blue cod here), and roll in nut crumb (Cathedral Cove Crumb Mix, macadamia, chilli and kelp, here).  Bake in the oven until fish has just cooked through.  Serve with other local seafood (Coromandel mussels here), pickles, limes and salad greens. 

Crumbed fish platter

A whitebait and fish ceviche idea

For a fabulous whitebait and hapuka (grouper) idea, marinate in lemon juice, with lemon zest and herbs, for a few hours.  Add the fish to skewers, and pile the whitebait high alongside. 

Whitebait ceviche with skewered fish

A Raglan inspired kokado idea

Cube some fresh white fish, and marinate for a couple of hours in plenty of lime juice.  Drain and add a good scoop of coconut yoghurt (Raglan Coconut Yoghurt here), chopped coriander, spring onion and chilli.  Toss well and serve. 


An asparagus and eel pate slider idea

Briefly blanch fresh asparagus (we used skinnies), refreshing in cold water at the end.  Cut open you favourite slider buns, spread with eel or smoked fish pate, and add the blanched asparagus tips.  A simple and tasty lunch option.

Asparagus eel pate slider

A special winter soup idea

For a special winter soup idea, a form of oyster stew, make a white sauce with an onion base, and using the oyster liquor and milk, then add oysters.  Extra special additions here include chilli flakes, cream, and (it's delicious) vermouth or dry sherry.  And served here topped with chives and a drizzle of real New Zealand extra virgin olive oil.

oyster soup

A simple smoked fish pate idea

Flake a fillet of smoked fish (orange roughy used here), and mix up with horseradish mustard, cottage cheese, lemon juice and chopped herbs (parsley used here).  Serve on a favourite toast.  Delicious.

smoked fish pate

A super quick green lipped mussel idea

Lightly steam open some fresh green lipped mussels.  Serve with a tasty dipping sauce, made with plain natural yoghurt, with plenty of finely chopped sushi ginger and wasabi paste (to taste) stirred through.

green lipped mussels

A festive salmon idea

For a festive salmon idea, try freshwater salmon, sliced raw and soaked in soy and mirin, with a splash of sesame oil, then skewered and sprinkled with sesame seeds.  A special treat, with drinks and friends, for the festive season.