A sea salt, rosemary and potato idea

Clean, then parboil potatoes until almost tender.  Drain, slice and add to a pan with olive oil, sea salt and rosemary.  Lightly fry to golden, then serve with more salt and rosemary to garnish.

sea salt, rosemary and potato

A sweet rosemary petit four idea

Very finely chop some rosemary.  Marinate with finely diced raw rhubarb, chopped dried cranberries, and honey or any sweet syrup.  Serve on top of small round shortbread and ricotta.  Or, even simpler, add the tender tips to the top of some comb honey on shortbread and ricotta.  A deliciously simple sweet treat.

rosemary, shortbread and ricotta petit fours

A mint idea - a pot of tea

We are enjoying our pots of mint tea, the best herbal infusion there is:  a handful of fresh mint leaves in a pot with boiling water, for a few minutes, to make a refreshing tea.  It is also delicious on a hot day, cooled and poured over ice.  Mint indeed.

fresh mint tea