A lamb and olive idea

For barbecue inspiration from the Martinborough region, barbecue lamb chops and serve with an olive topping - chopped Wairarapa olives with parsley, capers, olive oil and your favourite seasonings.

barbecued lamb with olives

A Wairarapa inspired cracker of an idea

Top lavash (Clareville crackers here) with your favourite soft goats’ cheese (The Drunken Nanny Dill-Lush here) and cured meat (Prodigal Daughter coppa here), shown here also with chopped roasted peppers and herbs.

lavash, goats' cheese, cured meat

A Taranaki Angus beef burger idea

A simple one - panfry some fabulous beef burgers (Green Meadows of Taranaki here, beef and beetroot burgers), and serve on toasted local artisan bread, with mayo, cheese, greens, and a dollop of salsa.  A very good way to end the day.

angus beef burger

A super simple salami canapés idea

Slice salami (Churchills Fine Meats here) on the diagonal - to make for bigger “crostini”.  Top with a favourite cheese (Mahoe old edam here), and quince paste (Ludbrook House here).

salami, edam cheese, quince paste canapés

A goat sausage tart idea

Take the goat sausages out of their casings, break into small pieces, and gently cook through in a frypan.  Line a baking tray with flaky puff pastry, skim with tomato paste (leave the edges clear), and top with caramelised onions or thin onion slices, the cooked sausage meat pieces, and crumbled feta.  Bake in a hot oven until pastry edges rise and colour, and top with fresh chopped tomato and herbs, and a little more crumbled feta.

goat sausage tart

A winter bacon butty idea

For a a simple and classic favourite winter bacon butty idea, slice white bread thickly, butter and add grilled bacon, winter salad greens, and slices of winter's tree tomato, the New Zealand tamarillo.  The tangy tamarillo balances the richness of the bacon perfectly.  

A sausage, bread and tomato salad idea

Bake cubed stale bread to make croutons.  Remove sausage casings, break into pieces and cook through.  Add croutons and cooked sausage pieces to a salad with tomatoes, fresh chopped spinach or chard, and red onion.  Toss well with a dressing of olive oil, your favourite vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper.

sausage, bread and tomato salad

A slow-cooked spring lamb salad idea

For a plan-ahead delicious spring salad idea, we slow cook a lamb shoulder or leg - five hours or more on a low heat.  Shred the lamb, add to green leaves, and sprinkle seeds, vegetables and dressing on top.  Shown here with spinach and topped with avocado, raisins and pumpkin seeds, dressed with the favourite vinaigrette.

slow cooked spring lamb salad